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Seychelles Offshore Company

The Seychelles International Business Company and the Seychelles Limited Partnership (LP) are two of the main vehicles used to conduct offshore business. The LP is an offshore company suitable for international joint venture activities. The Seychelles IBC is the offshore company most registered Seychelles company that is used for offshore operations. This company normally takes on the form of a private company that is limited by shares, but can also be a limited life company, LLC.

The Seychelles IBC and the Seychelles Limited partnerships are tax-free offshore companies and pay no corporate tax, income tax, capital gains tax or inheritance tax. These Seychelles offshore companies are also exempted from exchange controls. Additionally, these companies pay no stamp duties or custom duties on office items imported into Seychelles if an office is established locally.

The Seychelles Limited Partnership (LP) offshore company is governed by the Limited Partnership Act, 2003 and the Seychells International Business Company (IBC) is governed by the International Business Companies Act, 1994.

Statutory requirements for both types of Seychelles offshore corporations are minimal enabling fact incorporations of Seychelles offshore companies. The Seychelles Limited Partnership (LP)

The Seychelles offshore limited partnership companies (LPs) are often the choice persons who favor the organized structure and credibility of this type of company. Generally, people who have close or personal relationships with each other form limited partnership companies.

Key characteristics and requirements for the Seychelles Limited partnership (LP)

The primary general partner in a Seychelles LP is liable for the obligations and debts of the LP. The limited partner does not hold any responsibility for any of the debts or obligations that the partnership may have, however, the limited partners may only be excluded from this privilege if a different arrangement has been made in the partnership agreement.

The Seychelles LP offshore company must be immediately identifiable and is required to carry the words Limited Partnership, L.P. or LP.

The Seychelles LP exemptions are guaranteed for 20-year period.

The Seychelles International Business Authority (SIBA) oversees the incorporation of offshore companies such as the IBC and limited partnership.

The Seychelles International Business Company is the type of business entity that is the most registered in Seychelles.

The characteristics and requirement for incorporation of the Seychelles IBC are:

A Seychelles IBC cannot carry out the following business operation unless a license has been granted by the SIBA; Insurance, Reinsurance, Assurance, banking, Fund Management, Investment Management and asset Management. The names of the beneficial owners and directors of a Seychelles IBC are not made public and information concerning an International Business Company in Seychelles cannot be made public without the owner(s) consent.

A registered agent must be used in the incorporation process for Seychelles offshore companies. Incorporating Seychelles offshore companies, is inexpensive and fast. The Seychelles IBC and the Seychelles LLP can be formed in as little as two days.