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Marshall Island Offshore Company

Marshall Islands offshore company is a non resident company which is permitted to trade and carry out other business activities outside the jurisdiction of Marshall Island and benefit from no paying any Local taxes on its foreign earned income. Marshall Islands Business Company Act regulates offshore company launching, same as Panama companies registration, on the island. Marshall Islands are located in the Central Pacific Ocean in the midway mark between Hawaii and Indonesia.

Setting up an offshore company in Marshall Islands is not time consuming and can take one day to organize and register. An agent working in the jurisdiction can incorporate an off shore company in the jurisdiction by filing Articles of Organization on behalf of the beneficial owners of the Marshall Island offshore company. There is one company in Marshall Islands is in charge of handling company incorporation in the jurisdiction of the Marshall Islands. The first step in offshore company registration is a name search to find a name for the proposed offshore company. Once the name is approved then the Articles of Organization can be submitted with the following requirements.

Offshore company incorporation in the Marshall Islands can be carried out with one director and one shareholder and legislation makes it possible to register the company with a single member, which means that the same person is the shareholder and director.

Marshall Islands off shore companies are not permitted to do local business operations and are not allowed to engage in providing banking, insurance and other financial services.

Marshall Island offshore companies are not required to file financial statements with the local authorities.

Marshall Island offshore companies or non -resident companies are exempt from local taxes but registration fee and annual government fees must be paid.

Marshall islands offshore companies can be used for numbers business operations.