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Malta Offshore Company

Malta offshore company is suitable for doing business in the EU and internationally. Malta offshore companies are companies with limited liability and are trusted entities worldwide. The incorporation process for Malta offshore companies is simple, and includes a professional reference letter, a declaration of good standing and an application form for Malta offshore company formation.

Malta offshore companies are companies which have been registered in Malta but its shareholders are non-residents of Malta. In general, Malta companies are subject to a 35% tax rate. A Malta offshore company, however, benefits from a 27.5% on its gross dividend and gets a tax credit for the amount of tax that the Malta offshore company would have paid on the profits which were used to pay the dividend.

Where refunds are made to Malta companies offshore which are fully owned by non-residents or non-resident shareholders, two-thirds of the tax payable must be paid to the Inland Revenue within two weeks after having received notification from the Inland Revenue of the tax payable.

Withholding tax and stamp duties are not imposed on Malta offshore companies. Profits and dividends shared among shareholders are not subject to exchange controls, while dividends transferred out of Malta are exempt from withholding tax.

Malta offshore companies have a standard issued share capital of EUR1,250, which may be issued in any recognizable foreign currency. At least 20% of the share capital must be paid up at the time of Malta offshore company incorporation.

To incorporate company offshore in Malta, if the director is a natural person, at least one shareholder is required, whereas two shareholders are required for Malta offshore corporation creation, similar to Belize companies formation, if the director is a corporate entity. At least one of the two shareholders must be residing outside Malta for Malta offshore company formation. A Malta offshore company can have nominee members.

Malta offshore companies must have a minimum of one director. It is possible for the director of a Malta company offshore to serve as the company secretary. Offshore companies registered in Malta are not required to appoint resident(s) of Malta as shareholders or directors of the company. There is no requirement for Malta companies offshore to hold company meetings in Malta, but an AGM must be held at least once a year. Malta offshore company incorporation requires Malta offshore companies to have a registered office in Malta.

Malta offshore company incorporation may be best done using nominee members since the details of directors and beneficial owners (shareholders) of the Malta offshore company are registered by the Company Registrar. Annual returns and must be submitted every year, and companies are required to be audited.

In spite of the details of company members being registered at the Registry, confidentiality is important in Malta offshore company incorporation and is regulated under the Professional Secrecy Act which requires all agents and persons involved in the Malta offshore company formation process to maintain the confidence of clients.

Malta offshore company regime allows offshore companies to operate from a Malta based office and to hire expats as employees. A Malta offshore company can have bank accounts in Malta and offshore.