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Liberian Offshore Company

Non-resident Liberia companies or Liberia corporations are akin to offshore companies and are not subject to taxes as long as the Liberia Company is not beneficially owned by someone who is legally subject to taxation in Liberia. Liberian offshore corporations, similar to Belize corporation, LLCs, partnerships, and not-for-profit businesses are formed by filing of the Articles of Incorporation. The Articles of Incorporation should include; the name of the Liberian corporation; the purpose of the corporation; the type of shares and total authorized share capital; the name of the incorporator and names of any subscribers of shares and the number of initial directors.

The incorporation processes for Liberian offshore companies must at all times be conducted by a certified agent of offshore corporations. Liberia business entities such as the Liberia corporations, registered business companies, LLC’s, limited partnerships cannot engage in banking, insurance, or mutual funds business. Nor may the these offshore Liberian companies may not conduct any trade transactions within Liberia, nor can the beneficial owner have interest in any Liberia real estate/property in Liberia. The Director, managers or other officers of a Liberian company can be of any nationality and these offshore Liberia companies can be managed from anywhere in the world. The beneficial owners of Liberian offshore companies are private information and not disclosed to the authorities.

Liberian companies are not required to file accounts, but financial records should be maintained to reflect the Liberian company’s financial status .The records of Liberia offshore companies can be maintained in any location selected by the company’s managers officers.

All Liberia Companies are formed under the Liberian Associations Law. Every non-resident Liberia entity that is formed and registered under the Liberian Associations Law is required to retain a Trust Company as registered agent in Liberia. Liberia offshore companies can be incorporated in one day, in such cases the Trust Company will act as the main subscriber on the standard documents like the articles of incorporation, certificates of formation and other organizational documents and this translate to faster formation process Articles of Incorporation and the Registration Certificate.

Liberian corporations can be formed with a minimum of one director, one shareholder. And the director can be the same person as the shareholder. But unlike typical offshore companies, the same person cannot be the sole director and the secretary of a registered business company. There must be at least one general and one limited partner for a limited partnership. One member and one manager are sufficient for an LLC. Detailed information about requirements for a foundation and a not-for-profit corporation can be obtained from the trust company.

The share structure of Liberia nonresident or offshore corporations permits registered shares, bearer shares or combination of both. Shares for Liberia companies may be par or no par value and par value shares may be issued in any currency.

The typical number of shares for formation is 500 registered and/or bearer shares without par value or US$50,000 of par value stock as the capitalization tax (fees for incorporation) is based on the authorized share capital will at the time of incorporation.

There is no requirement to file the partnership agreement for a limited partnership, the operating/management agreement for an LLC or the statutes of a foundation. In the case of a limited partnership and a foundation an abstract of some of the terms is filed.