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Incorporate an Offshore Company

Incorporate an offshore company in one of many offshore jurisdictions or tax havens offering offshore company formation. Offshore companies can only be incorporated where legislation have been enacted to support these companies. The most common offshore company being offered for company formation is the International Business Company or IBC however the offshore Limited Liability Company (LLC) is also incorporated in some offshore tax havens. The offshore jurisdictions for offshore company incorporation includes Dominica, Anguilla, Belize, St Lucia, St Vincent, Cyprus, Seychelles, Mauritius, Vanuatu, BVI, Malta, St Kitts & Nevis, Isle of Man, Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Panama, Costa Rica, Singapore and many others.

Incorporate an offshore company to take advantage of all the benefits which offshore companies provide. Offshore companies are typically tax exempt companies which pay zero taxes on profits of the company, but in some jurisdictions very low taxes are paid by the companies. In the zero tax jurisdiction the offshore companies pay no capital gains tax, income tax, corporate taxes, withholding tax and other forms of taxes or duties. A registration fee and annual renewal fee will be the only fees paid by an offshore company in the jurisdictions.

Incorporate an offshore company to benefit from privacy laws in the tax havens. Most tax havens which offshore company incorporation have closed registries which mean that company information including the names and particulars of directors and shareholders will not become public information. Additionally there are laws which prohibit other corporations and individuals from divulging offshore company information without the consent of the company owner. Persons interested in incorporating an offshore company can also use nominee shareholder and directors for even more privacy.

Offshore shelf companies are available for individuals who want an offshore company but do not want to go through the process of offshore organization founding, similar to Belize companies formation. Offshore registered agents in the offshore jurisdiction have lists of what is referred to as offshore shelf companies for sale. Offshore shelf companies are companies which have been incorporated beforehand but are not used hence the term shelf.

Incorporate an offshore company using the services of registered agents in the jurisdictions. It is important to note that in most offshore jurisdiction employing an offshore agent for incorporating an offshore company is mandatory. The offshore agent will prepare all the paperwork necessary for offshore company registration and file them on behalf of the beneficial owner of the offshore company. There is actually an advantage for the beneficial owner as they are saved the headache of prepping documents and travelling to foreign countries.

The cost of incorporating an offshore company is affordable and the requirements are minimal. The person ordering the offshore company must present picture identification and proof of address to the registered agent. In most offshore jurisdictions just one shareholder and director is required for company incorporation and the same individual can be the director and shareholder allowing for one member offshore companies.

Choose to incorporate an offshore company for tax planning and asset protection.