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Gibraltar Offshore Company

Gibraltar taxes on a territorial basis and because of this, exempted Gibraltar companies that operated outside Gibraltar (Gibraltar offshore companies) from corporation tax.

To comply with EU demands for a level playing field with regard to taxation, Gibraltar established a zero/ten regime. Under this tax regime Gibraltar companies were subject to a standard rate of income tax of 0%. Meanwhile, certain banking activities became subject to tax at 10%.

In January 2011, the government of Gibraltar implemented new reform, again in keeping with EU calls for a level playing field. With this new tax regime, all Gibraltar companies – Gibraltar offshore companies included, became subject to a flat tax rate of 10% while utility companies and large corporations pay a 20% flat rate of tax.

In spite of this, Gibraltar offshore companies like domestic Gibraltar companies enjoy 0% on interest earned, except if such dividends and interests are earned from money lending or deposit taking business. Also, dividends paid to a non resident shareholder by a Gibraltar offshore company are not subject to withholding tax in Gibraltar. Gibraltar companies may also apply for a tax credit on the profits that dividend was paid from if tax was paid on that very same income.

Gibraltar offshore companies and resident onshore companies are exempt from capital gains tax which does not exist in Gibraltar.

Gibraltar offshore companies are companies with limited liability and legal personality. Consequently, the liabilities of a Gibraltar company offshore are separate from those of its members. As a legal person, a Gibraltar offshore company is able to open and administer its bank accounts, trade, enter into contracts, invest as well as give and take loans.

Gibraltar business establishement, like Belize companies registration, is a professional service, provided using a regulated incorporation process. Gibraltar organization founding, like Panama companies registration, is complete upon approval of the Registrar, at which time a Certificate of Incorporation to the Gibraltar offshore company as prima facie evidence of the due incorporation of the company.