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Belize Offshore Company

Current Belize corporation laws approve the formation of several types of Belize business companies for local and domestic uses. Nonresident and foreign businesses use the offshore company formally called the Belize International Business company (IBC), as the corporate vehicle for international investment and trade activities.

The administrative arm of Belize promote the development of the offshore sectors (Belize offshore company formations) as a form a supplementing revenue generation through company registration fees, agent fees and company renewals. The offshore service sector is a viable and legal form of diversifying the current struggling economy.

Belize offshore companies are tax free non-resident companies registered in Belize. The Belize offshore corporations are not permitted to do business in or with residents of Belize. The Belize IBC cannot engage in banking business, reinsurance or insurance business. The Belize offshore company cannot own Belize property but the company may lease or rent a property for office purposes. **** To form a Belize offshore company a minimum of one director needed who may be an individual or corporate entity. No secretary required for formation of offshore Belize companies. The offshore company is not required to hold meetings. No any audits, filing or reporting is needed. Like other offshore jurisdictions, the Belize offshore corporation must maintain a registered office in Belize and enlist the services of a registered agent in Belize.

All Belize international business company (IBC) companies are exempt from all corporation, capital gains or wealth tax. Under Belize legislation for Belize offshore corporations and companies, these entities are exempt from taxes on exempt on:

Further, the Belize IBCs are also exempt from payment of stamp duties pertaining to transactions of that Belize IBC.

Thus the Belize offshore company known as the IBC is well suited for applications such as commission collections, re-invoicing transactions, securities trading, real estate investment, where currency, exchange controls would normally impose restrictions and additional costs.

The formation of the Belize IBC is legalized through the International Business Act 1990. All Belize offshore companies must maintain the services of a local Registered Agent and a registered Belize address. Belize legislation is designed to facilitate speedy incorporation of Belize offshore companies IBC and has a computerized and modern IBC registry, where companies may be incorporated in one business day.

**** Belize is one of the only English speaking country in South America. Belize is bordered by the Caribbean, Mexico and Guatemala.