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Anguilla Offshore Company

The island of Anguilla is a British overseas territory found in the northern part of the Caribbean. Anguilla is small, but is a stable country with an economy driven by a successful financial/offshore sector. Internationally, Anguilla is recognized as a high-quality financial service center.

Anguilla has been involved in offshore financial services for well over 20 years, and in this space of time the island has established itself as a highly regarded and sought after offshore jurisdiction.

Anguilla is a neutrally tax free country, which means both onshore and offshore companies have the same no-tax treatment. Further, the local government in Anguilla maintains the integrity of the offshore service sector and financial services by enforcing regulations and stringent controls in the offshore business and banking segments.

The government and private sectors in Anguilla collaborate to establish the best practice guidelines as set out the Anguilla Company Management Ordinance. With the practice of thorough due diligence and the execution of best practice methods Anguilla continues to stack up amongst the best and is a model offshore tax jurisdiction.

Anguilla onshore and offshore companies are not subject to ant corporation taxes, any capital gains tax, income or revenue tax. There is a newly implemented 3% tax on income for local income.

In addition to attracting incorporation of companies, and other business entities, the tax free status attracts investors who provide financial and the offshore services and as a result, the professional infrastructure is very well developed. Many international investment, finance, accounting and legal firms have an office and employees in Anguilla providing offshore firm production, comparable to Panama company formation, services.

Anguilla offshore companies falls under legislation The International Business Company, IBC law that is based on the traditional model IBC. Anguilla offshore organization founding, similar to Belize companies formation, is executed in a single working day with a modernized and electronic processing for company formation and a savvy computerized companies’ registry.

The Anguilla offshore company has a flexible corporate structure. It is an offshore corporation limited by shares, limited by guarantee, by both. The Anguilla offshore company may purchase or own shares. To form an Anguilla company a minimum of (1) one share holder /incorporator/director is required. The director and the shareholder may be same person, natural or corporate. All Anguilla companies must maintain a registered office in Anguilla. They Anguilla company must hold a meeting in Anguilla once a year, but may use stand-ins. Anguilla offshore companies (IBC) cannot own Anguilla property nor can the company undertake insurance or banking business without a special licenses.

With zero taxes and no foreign exchange controls, Anguilla is a very attractive offshore jurisdiction for company formation. Business investors, business professionals and service providers are drawn by such lucrative financial features whereby business can be maximized by a zero tax policy. This combined with relaxed residency rules and access to work permits is part of Anguilla continued success in the financial sector.