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Alderney Offshore Company

Nonresident company formation for an Alderney Company and the administration of an Alderney company is simple by design. The Alderney offshore company also has less administrative work. However, unlike traditional offshore companies, Alderney companies are subject to accounting and auditing. Most other offshore jurisdictions are exempt from requirements.

Alderney corporation creation, like Panama companies formation,s require just one director (person or corporate). Nominee shareholding is possible. Formation of a single member Alderney Company is possible. Though the Alderney Company offshore used is not a tax free company the corporate tax rate of 20% can be reduced to 0%.

An Alderney offshore company, one owned by a non-resident, may be used exclusively for the conduct of international trading activities, which generate only non local income and no business is carried out in Alderney. When the Alderney company operations as an offshore company, it may qualify for International Company status.

In order to qualify as an International Company, certain conditions must be satisfied:

Before incorporating an Alderney offshore company, the following information is required: