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About Seychelles

The islands of the Seychelles are situated in the Indian Ocean about 1500 kilometers from Africa mainland. The Seychelles is a group of well over 100 islands (officially 155). For naturalist, the Seychelles islands are among the world’s top natural habitats rivaled by many, with a many species of animal and plant life.

The Seychelles were settled by people from Portugal, France and Spain. And as such Today, Seychelles is a melting pot with a diverse background, encompassing people from lands of China, France, Africa and India.

The life and culture of Seychellois population is influenced by its many past and present inhabitants. In true form, its religion of the Seychelles people is also as colorful with Hinduism, Muslism, Christianity, Catholicism, Anglicanism and others practiced.

In spite of the British occupation of Seychelles and an English education system the Seychelles social and cultural practices are predominantly French. Most Seychellois names have a French origin.

The administration of Seychelles is serious about protecting the islands of Seychelles and has enforced strict laws for preservation and protection of the environment and plant and animal plant habitats in the Seychelles islands as ecotourism has been developed as an integral part of tourism. It is the main sources of the islands’ revenue.

The Seychelles can boast of two World Heritage endorsed sites. Scuba diving, sailing and snorkeling are some of the water sports available to visitors and locals. Interisland hopping on private aircraft is quite popular activity as well.

To further enhance to sustainability of the Seychelles the government has is focused on developing the manufacturing and fishing sectors. Tuna fishing in particular is a main economic sector and opens up new avenues for other areas in fish refrigeration, canning and processing for export.

Seychelles has established various institutions charged with the duty of promoting Seychelles as a suitable location for investment. Focus has been placed on international business and moved in the direction of providing investors with different incentives such as tax breaks, concessions and funding options. Financial services in Seychelles developed as a result of Seychelles status as a tax haven for the incorporation of offshore companies, like Seychelles company. Seychelles offer a variety of offshore formation services which include international business companies, offshore trusts and insurance companies, offshore banks and special license companies. Mutual and hedge funds are a growing part of the securities market and investment in Seychelles.

In tune with the progress in the financial services sector a series of offshore and business laws were enacted for regulating and controlling markets and facilitating investment and financial activities in Seychelles. Offshore entities are regulated by their respective laws and come under the supervision of the Seychelles International Business Authority which is called SIBA for short.

More recently, there has been major investment activity into petroleum exploration and industry development as the Seychelles are fossil rich. Wells dug for petroleum exploration have shown the presence of suitable reservoirs for further exploration. Seychelles has undertaken initiatives to educate and inform interested investors both domestic and international of the petroleum potential of the Seychelles islands and region.