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About Nevis

Nevis is an island in the northern part of the chain of islands in the Caribbean. Nevis and St. Kitts make up the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis.

For several years, Nevis has been called the “Queen of the Caribees” for while under British rule, Nevis, the smaller island, generated masses of wealth for the British Empire.

Today, under the Federation, Nevis and St. Kitts share a administration and a constitution. Nevis is the minor of the two islands, with a land mass of just over thirty-six square miles, and a population of approximately 11,000.

The executive language spoken in Nevis is English. Nevis is a member of the Organization of the Eastern Caribbean States (OECS), so the official currency of Nevis is the Eastern Caribbean Dollar (XCD), though other major currencies are accepted on the island. The EC dollar is pegged at 2.7169 to the US$.

Christopher Columbus revealed the island of Nevis in 1493. For many years after, the Spanish, the British and the French would fight for control over the island, with the British holding final reign. The island history is rich with the influences of the colonist, as is the culture and the lifestyles of the people.

The island is an upscale tourist destination, made prominent by the Four Seasons resorts situated on the island. Rich and famous, and superstars, members of the elite crowd, visit the island and the five star resort year round and the Nevis gets rewarding reviews and publicity.

The island of Nevis is an important financial center in the Caribbean. After Nevis was forced to put an end to the sugar industry in the early 80’s, Nevis had to find substitute economic drivers, or the country would disintegrate economically. Most of the islands residents were employed in the sugar industry. stress was placed on developing the islands as a prime upscale tourist destination, a plan well implemented and highly successful. Then the islands administrators took a bold step to compete internationally as an international financially (offshore) center.

The completion of investor friendly progressive legislation for offshore incorporation and offshore products continues to make economic headway for Nevis. Though Nevis as part of the federation shares the legislation of St. Kitts in this venture, the Nevis took the bold step to write its own sets of legislation for its offshore products, which are rivaled across the world. Other offshore services include offshore banking, offshore company incorporation, Multiform Foundations, trust services, insurance. Nevis is a “tax haven” glorifying the zero tax policy for offshore companies under which foreign income for offshore companies is not taxed, and receives other fiscal incentives and benefits. Corporate, income tax, inheritance or capital gains tax do not exist for offshore companies.

Nevis is a flattish island bordered by miles of beaches. The interior is lush with a variety of flora and fauna. Activities on island include hiking, snorkeling, swimming, historic tours, visitation to island landmarks, shopping, among other actions. Nevisians are big n socializing at local watering holes taking in local Caribbean flavors of music, and playing dominoes. Nevis island is known for its laid back and friendly atmosphere.

Nevis has a small airfield which catering to smaller private planes and jets, and larger aircraft are accommodated at the sister island international airports in St. Kitts with ferry services between the islands. Most resorts on Nevis have their own ferry services to lodge their guests.