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About Madiera

Madeira is part of the Portuguese Archipelago found in North Atlantic Ocean. Madeira forms part of the European Union and the archipelago includes the islands of Porto Santos and Desertas. The region has a population of just about 270,000 and most reside in Madeira. Madeira was discovered during the Portuguese Age of Discovery by sailors in 1419. Today Madeira is a well known tourist destination and the county has a free trade zone which has made it very popular for setting up offshore companies, like Seychelles company. The official language is Portuguese and the currency is the Euro (€).

The volcanic island of Madeira is home to a number of species of flora and fauna including some endemic species. The forests of Madeira are home to a number of species of birds, snails and others. Madeira attractions bring many visitors to the island. Madeira is a favorite docking site for cruise liners and tourism is estimated to contribute around 20% of the GDP of Madeira.

Madeira celebrates a number of festivals including carnival, Atlantic Fireworks festival, wine festival jazz festival, and the end of year festival is said to be one of the best parties on earth. The Madeira end of year party features the largest fireworks display and in 2006 this fireworks display was named as the largest in the world by Guinness World Records.

The region has excellent resorts and hotels which provide top accommodations and activities for the island’s visitors. Activities to enjoy in Madeira include boating, fishing, golf and other excellent adventures that the island of Madeira has to offer.

Economically Madeira remains stable and is supported by its tourism sector and services sector. The introduction of the free trade zone has attracted a high number of investors to the country.