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About Dubai

Dubai is one of the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Dubai’s capital is also called Dubai and along with Abu Dhabi is one the two capitals of UAE. Dubai is situated southeast of the Persian Gulf and has a population of 2,104,895 (according to 2012 estimates).

The Municipality of Dubai was founded in 1954 by Saeed Al Maktoum. Dubai Municipality was established to pursue plans to provide services to citizens, implement more planning projects and to serve maintenance projects for local facilities. Dubai thus contains an Environmental and Public Health Department, a Planning and Survey Department and Roads Department, among others which can be found in Dubai.

The climate of Dubai is best described as tropical desert. Dubai experiences very hot summer seasons which are often humid and windy. Dubai winter months are generally warm, while rain which is not frequent has been on an increase.

Dubai is a constitutional monarchy. Dubai has been under the rule of the family line of Al Maktoum which began sometime in 1833. The present ruler of Dubai also holds the position of Prime Minister and Vice President of the UAE, plus he holds a seat on the Supreme Council. Dubai has a Federal National Council to which 8 members are appointed for a period of two terms. Law is enforced by the Dubai Police Force. Al Maktoum is commander in chief of the Dubai Police Force.

Both Arabic and English are spoken in Dubai, but Arabic is the formal language of the UAE. Several different languages are spoken in Dubai, such as Tamil, Urdu, Persian, Balochi, Pashto and Chinese, to name a few. Dubai has a large immigrant and expat population, of which over 100,000 are said to be British. Islam is the official religion of Dubai. Nearly ninety-five percent of mosques receive government subsidy. Buddhism, Christianity and Hindu are also practiced in Dubai. Religious denominations which are not Islam are allowed to have their own place of worship and may ask for a land grant from the government of Dubai for constructing church buildings. Many non Island groups meet at private homes in Dubai where they worship.

In many ways, Dubai is considered a gateway between the West and East. Dubai is unique and is a fusion of Arabic and western modernity. Dubai has a cultural heritage which has Islam roots.