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About Delaware

Delaware, one of the United States located on the Atlantic coast in the Mid Atlantic region of the US. Delaware is a mere 1,954 square miles (5,060 km2) and it is statistically the second-smallest state in the United States. Delaware is bounded by Pennsylvania, the Delaware River Delaware Bay, New Jersey and the Atlantic Ocean; and Maryland. Delaware is called the “Diamond State.

The state of Delaware is divided into 3 counties, namely, New Castle, Kent and Sussex. Before settlement by Europeans around the 16th century, Delaware was inhabited by several groups of Native American Indians. Delaware would later be colonized first by the Dutch.

Delaware is one of the colonies that took part in the great American Revolution. Delaware is also the first US state to consent to the Constitution of the United States in 1787, thereby becoming recognized as The First State.

Delaware is a level plain, with hills and gently rolling surfaces. Not many areas are above sea level in this state. Delaware’s weather is affected as it is part of the Atlantic Coastal Plain. This results in a moderate climate, experiencing humid subtropical and continental climate. As a result, Delaware’s mixed climate supports a wide variety of vegetation, with large areas of forested land.

Wilmington, a manufacturing hub, is the largest, with two-thirds of the Delaware’s population residing there. The last estimated population of Delaware is just over 920,000. Wilmington is an important seaport because of plentiful waterpower and easy access to the Delaware waterway. This is Delaware’s main financial, commercial and banking zone.

Delaware is also an important agricultural state because it is close to the large eastern United States markets. The state has good transportation facilities. It is connected to neighbouring states canals, highways, and railroads. Due to the favourable climate, fruits and vegetables are grown in abundance. And agro processing plants, poultry production and produce are leading cash products for the state of Delaware.

In 1991, Delaware passed a law allowing the incorporation of the Delaware LLC or Delaware Limited Liability Company. Delaware became popular for company registration because of the General Corporation Law which makes it possible to incorporate companies of different types to best suit investors’ needs. About 200,000 companies are incorporated in Delaware because of its business laws, which favor corporations. These companies include many of the largest businesses in the country. It is easier and cheaper to incorporate in Delaware than in most other states, even for those companies that conduct most of their business outside of the state.