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About Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a Central America country which shares borders with Nicaragua and Panama and is a popular holiday destination for North Americans, Canadians and even Europeans. Costa Rica like many of the countries which make up South America is a past colony o Spain and Spanish is the main language. The population of Costa Rica is 4,301,712 as projected by the census of 2011. Costa Rica’s population includes persons from several indigenous groups with a large number of them living on separate reservations in the country.

Costa Rica is well known for its natural attraction, natural beauty and preservation of it rain forests and resources. About one quarter of Costa Rica’s land is protected as national parks. Costa Rica’s drive to decrease deforestation in a bid to protect its biodiversity has been very successfully over the last decade. The forests of Costa Rica are home to 5% of the biodiversity of the world. Costa Rica’s reservations and rain forests are home to a number of species of birds, monkeys, spiders, orchids and some even provide a nesting ground for leatherback turtles, green turtles, hawksbills and loggerhead turtles.

Over the years Costa Rica has become a haven for persons who are interested in ecotourism as the country markets itself as one of the top eco destinations of the world. The country attracts thousands of visitors each year who have interests in bird watching, hiking, flora, fauna, zip lining and other adventurous activities which Costa Rica has become famous for.

Costa Rica’s economy is supported by a number of sectors including tourism, agriculture and offshore investments which the country attracts. Costa Rica exports pineapples, bananas and coffee. The number of visitors has increased over the years and many new jobs have been opened in the tourism sector. Costa Rica has legislation in place which encourages the registration of foreign companies who will benefit from tax exemption and low tax rates in the jurisdiction. This has seen the registration of a number of top companies in Costa Rica.

Retiring to Costa Rica has become a big thing for expats from the United States and other parts of the world. The climates, cost of living, attractions, price of real estate are some of the factors which make Costa Rica the ideal country for retirement. Cost Rica also has a well organized retirement program which allows retirees to apply for residency status in the country. Applicant to this program must show a monthly income of at least US$1000 monthly from a government program or other retirement plan, and reside in Costa Rica for at least four months each year.

Costa Rica vacations are easy to arrange and there are a number of Costa Rica hotels offering excellent accommodations; from eco lodges and hotels to resorts and luxury hotels. Organized tour packages are avaible for going around Costa Rica when on a Costa Rica vacation.