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About Brunei

Brunei officially The Islamic Sultanate of Brunei Darussalam is located on the North Coast of the Island of Borneo. Brunei shares borders with the state of Sarawak which is a Malaysian State. Brunei population of 357,000 inhabits the 5,765 square kilometer state and is mostly of Malay, Tutong and Chinese descendents. The national language of Brunei is Malay but English language is still predominantly used for conducting business. Indigenous groups speak their languages as well. The capital of Brunei is located in Brunei-Muara district where the government and business centers are located.

Brunei became what is known as a British protectorate in 1888 and was occupied by Japan during the Second World War. The country remained under British control until 1984 when they were granted independence.

Brunei has a constitutional sultanate system of government which is based on English Common law. Islam Sharia laws are also used and will sometimes surpass English based legal system. The Sultan of Brunei is the head of state and appoints the Cabinet of Ministers. The country has 3 types of councils who appointed by the monarch who give advice on respective areas; Religious Council, Privy Council and Council of Succession.

The discovery of oil in Brunei has helped developed the country as one of the healthiest economies in the region. Brunei exports oil and natural gas which makes up a huge percent of the GDP. Whist the country may be rich in other resources it has to import most of its food supplies and live stock. Medical services and housing are subsidized by the government of Brunei.

Brunei receives a fair number of visitors each year and there are hotels in Brunei which provide top accommodations to guests. Stay over visitors to Brunei can enjoy a stay at a number of international resorts which can be found in the country. Flights to Brunei from Europe, Australia, Middle East and other destinations are available. Brunei national airline is the Royal Brunei Airline.